WIP: #43 Mermaid

June 22, 2019

Still on the back burner, this Bargello quilt was a challenge and a pleasure to piece.

I used batik fabric strips from a line called Pool Party from Wilmington prints that has all the teals and blues I love.

I learned a lot about sewing strips of fabric and I really love this technique and the effect created.  I wanted to document the process so I don't forget all the work I put into it. ;)

1.  First the fabric strips are sewn together.

2.  A tube is created.

3. Then the tube is cross cut forming sectioned strips. 

4. Each strip is opened at a different point and laid out to form the graduated flowing Bargello pattern. 

When I showed it to a friend she immediately said "Mermaid!" and the name stuck!

The backing needs to be cut and then basting the quilt sandwich so the quilting can begin.  I'm using the backing fabric as a binding too.

Just need more time in a day!!

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