Margarita Mat

So, I finally got around to making one of those mug rugs I've been seeing all around that are just so darn cute.  I was a little afraid to try fearing my best efforts would fall short.  But, I'm pretty happy with this little surprise project.

See, it started out as an idea for a pillow - a birthday present for my friend, TabbieG -  that would match the quilt I made for her birthday.  But I didn't have enough scraps to make a full size duplicate block.  So, I halved all the measurements and created this little mini block.  Added a bit of white to extend the rug and added this cute stackable flower button.  I even embroidered using the pattern right on the white fabric.  The only problem beyond this was I couldn't find a cute purple mug to complement it. 

So, since I knew TabbieG wouldn't mind and we all need a sweet treat sometimes, I grabbed a glass and my mug rug quickly became a Margarita Mat !!

In fact, we spent last friday night watching chik fliks and indulging in a couple of lip smacking margaritas!

Here's a few more, I mean  ; )

What, 3 o'clock?  No's 5 o'clock somewhere!

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