#8 Lavender Lady

I completed my eighth quilt nearly a year ago (time flies!!).  This was done for my very good friend Tabatha who's seen me through many rough times and holds a special place in my heart and life.  Can you guess her favorite color?  Yep, PURPLE!  She also likes butterflies so when I decided to make her a quilt, it had to be purple first and somehow be related to butterflies. 

The block I chose is called "Winged Four Patch".
I just loved the paisley print and used shades of purple to complement it.  Unfortunately, the purple appears somewhat blue in the photos...I had a terrible time trying to capture the true color.  But you get the idea. 

 Here's how the blocks came together:

I finished it almost in time for her birthday,
 just a few months from start to finish which was a fairly quick project for me. 
 The backing fabric matches the inner border and the lighter fabric on the diagonal of the main block.

I just wanted her to have something to keep her cozy and warm while reading a good book!
And there you have it, a special gift for a very special
For you...TabbieG!

Finish Date:  April 2010

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