#32 Virescit Vulnere Virtus

My mom has Scottish roots, she's a Stewart, and since my younger brother has always had a strong interest in that part of our family line, when I saw the Tartan Plaid swatches on my favorite homespun fabric website, I immediately thought of him!

Voila! Yet another rag quilt.  I just love the masculine feel of the homespun fabric in this rag style.  Unfortunately, these pics turned out so bad! :(

 It's rustic and rugged - the perfect "MAN" quilt. ;)

I did a little research to find more about our Stewart Clan and ended up using the clan shield for the tag.

I visited him in Bend, OR in early July as a belated birthday gift.

Later, he sent me this, showing a hanger he installed for it when not in use.
Because, when not in use or at least up out of the way, then this...

Anyway, great to have another finish!! And to get to present it to my brother.  Hope he enjoys it a lot.

June 28, 2018

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