#33 Put a Ring on It

One of my favorites!  (I know I say that about every new quilt I make.)

BUT, this one is truly special for two reasons.  One, it was a wedding gift for my niece, a very special woman who (along with my other two nieces) filled a little void in my life having had 3 boys of my own and no little girls to bond with.  Larissa is talented, witty, has an infectious laugh and has brought a lot of joy to my life.  She is one of the strongest women I know and I'm so proud of the woman she has become.
When she announced her engagement and revealed he (Ulysses) was finally gonna "put a ring on it", I knew right away the type of quilt I wanted to make to celebrate the occasion.

This "double wedding ring" pattern is very traditional and the construction requires some advanced sewing skills.  And although I could probably make it using the traditional technique, I found a more contemporary method that would save lots of time.  So I decided to try it and I'm SO pleased with how it turned out.

Larissa gave me clues to her favorite colors as well as those she was including in their ceremony and I found these colorful batiks making it bright and cheerful!! (I kept the back neutral matching the background fabric around the rings to keep the focus on them.)  The rings are machine appliqued to the background (that's the contemporary method) and I "echo" quilted around them.

Front View Rings Back Echo Quilting
I had to do some last minute finishing the night before the wedding...attaching the purple binding and adding the label.

The wedding was beautiful and we had a blast at the reception!

Congratulations, Larissa and Ulysses

(& Noah and Mathias)

Completed 9/28/18

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