#23 DaySail

This quilt started out as "WinterMint" due to the red and turquoise fabric I had been holding on to for quite some time.

I settled on the blocks because they looked like Christmas candies and the name WinterMint followed.  Above is "Circle of Geese" and below is "Whirling Star".

But then as I started looking for background fabric, I fell in love with the sailboat print.  I forgot to take a full length picture so all I have is a snippet.

I wasn't sure if I could get the two to mix being so different from my original idea. Even tried looking for a different backing fabric, but kept coming back to this.

Eventually I realized the whirling look of the blocks seemed to fit with a wind and water theme. Also, I'd decided to gift this quilt to my sister-in-law who, along with my brother, enjoy outdoor activities!  Hence the new name, "DaySail".

I love diagonal striped binding and it seemed to fit perfectly.

This one has been in the making for a several years and I am happy it is finished and in a good home, hopefully keeping her warm and cozy this winter.

P.S. I had to rush to put the tag on as I'd forgotten it...so one evening during my brother's visit, I had to sneak off to attach it.  An early birthday surprise gift!

And now I'm off to work on the next one!
P.S.  I also forgot to take pictures of the full quilt so they sent me these. ;)

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  1. It turned out to be beautiful...I love the how the "sail" theme worked into the whole look of the quilt.



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