#4 & 5 Jungle o' Fun

The next two were the first baby quilts I made.  Two of my neices had babies around the same time, the cutest little boys!  Since they'd always joked about how they were pregnant with "future best friends" I decided to make matching quilts for the two of them.  I started with this Kaufman Jungle Print.

Then, for the youngest, Brian, I used lighter pastel accents and for Noah some brighter bold accents.  The pattern, Streak of Sunshine, was so simple and quick!

Here's Brian's:

Jungle o' Fun (Pastels)
And here's Noah's:
Jungle o' Fun (Brights)
The back of both:
And here they are together:
To Future Best Buds...

These were lots of fun and both my neices and the boys were surprised with them on Christmas that year (2007). 

P.S.  Now, another neice is expecting...so I'm planning another baby quilt!

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