#7 Mint Chip

My seventh quilt and finally this one's for ME!  I chose this fabric without really knowing how I would use it in a quilt but I couldn't resist it!  Teal (one of my very favorite colors) and brown?  Oh and the paisley...and the dots?  Just had to have it.  So I went through a couple of books I had and found a block I thought would work well with it.  It's called "Sailor's Star" which caught my attention since I love anything related to the ocean!
Altogether, here's how it turned out.

I liked the chocolate with teal dots so much that I used a reverse print for the back, teal with chocolate dots.
And THAT is how this quilt got its name...Mint Chip!  Which is my favorite ice cream flavor too, YUM!
I was sure to make this a little extra long because I have long legs and hate my feet sticking out!
This quilt gets a lot of use...I just love to cozy up with it to read, nap or do needlework.

Finish date:  12/2009

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