#41 Snow Day

This one almost didn't make it in time for Christmas but the day I started Winter Break, a little last minute energy pushed this one to a finish.

The charm square set I used was from a fabric line called Snow Day.  There's so many cute prints that stayed with the snowman theme I have going in my living room.

See if you can find sweaters, scarves, mittens, trees, snow, snowflakes, snowmen, snow globes and little ones making snow angels.

The photo just above on the right you can see the backing which is also from the same line of fabric.

I tweaked a free pattern I saw online but it was pretty simple, just arranging the half-square triangles in the diamond like pattern.  It turned out perfect for our entryway (with more painted rocks from my sis-in-law) and just in time for our holiday company!  So happy I was able to finish it.

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