#34 Rose and Ruby's Flower Garden

Ten years in the making (off & on) and my Grandmothers Flower Garden is finished! Too windy outside to get full length views but got enough inside for my blog entry. 

This one is in memory of, and named after both of my grandmothers. I used 1930's reproduction prints for the most part for a retro feel since this is a very traditional pattern.
Each flower is made of hexagons that were created in a process called English Paper Piecing.  Each petal is hand stitched around a paper hexagon, then stitched together to form the flower.  The paper pieces are removed afterwards.  
In this quilt, there are 98 flowers constructed of 7 hexagons each, all hand sewn. You can do the math. (wink, wink)
Traditionally, the flowers are joined by single white hexagons forming a "path through the garden".
I began the process but soon developed tendonitis (from many things, not just sewing) and couldn't finish the hand work.  My flowers sat for a few years until I finally decided how to complete this quilt.  I decided to machine applique each flower to a white background square, then stitched the squares together.  I was pleased with the outcome as it kept the traditional look in tact.
You can see the lines joining the squares here and the backing and binding I chose which was also a '30s reproduction print.  I have not been more pleased to finish this quilt whose making was quite the journey.

Rose and Ruby's Flower Garden
This one I'm keeping!

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