#28 Homespun Warmth

Here's my second rag quilt made of homespun fabric. I love the rugged warm look and feel, especially for a guy.

So when the time came to make a quilt for my 2nd son Erik, I knew just the one for him, although it's very similar to his older brother's.

The color palette is slightly different than Alex's but the plaids really suit both boys.

These quilts go together quick and easy so I can do a stack at a time even after a long day at work.
Relaxing for me and  takes my mind off those teenagers!
I usually watch a familiar movie or binge a show on Netflix.  Looks like this time I was watching Beauty and the Beast.

Once the blocks are sewn into rows and the rows are sewn together, the fun part begins, clipping the seams to create the space for the raveling to take place.  I have special spring- loaded scissors that make it easier on my hand and wrist.

It's a messy process with strings everywhere.  The lint roller is my special friend.

Then into the washer and dryer.  When it comes out it is soft and those seams have frayed causing the "ragged" effect.

As with all my quilts, I name them and attach a label with the details.

I'd say he's happy with it!

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